In the old Chinese art of fighting we know many different training methods, for example the forms. The are the bases of Kung Fu and must never be underestimated. The forms allow you to develop speed, timing and strength as well as coordination and reflexes, while the two-man forms also develop a good sense of distance. Initially, the movements are performed step by step until a certain shape precision is achieved.

Group I Chin Quan Kuen
  Lau Gar Kuen
  Ching Neen Kuen Doy Dar
  Sam Yin Kuen
  Chen Wu Kwan (long pole)
  Hok Yin Kuen
Group II Fu Mei Darn Do (broad sword)
  Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen
  Chen Wu Kwan Doy Dar
  Siu Mui Fa Kuen
  Mui Fa Darn Gim (double edge sword)
  Siu Mui Fa Kuen Doy Dar
Group III  Mui Fa Sap Sam Cheong (spear)
  Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen Doy Dar
  Fu Hok Sheong Yin Kuen
  Kwan Do (halberd)
  Fu Hok Sheong Yin Kuen Doy Dar
  Sap Chi Kau Dah Kuen
  Pao Chang Do (butterflyknives)
  Gao Jie Bien (whip-chain)
  Sap Yin Kuen
  Sam Jie Kwan (3-sectional staff)
Group IV
Chen Jong Kuen (dummy)
  Tit Shin Kuen

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