The feet are about twice shoulder width apart. Sink to the ground until the upper legs are parallel with the ground. The fists are at the hip. The weight is equal on both feet.


Bend your right leg until it is parallel with the ground. Your left leg is stretched. The left fist is at the hip, stretch your right hand in front of you and bend your hand backwards. Your weight is for 70% on your right foot and for 30% on your left foot.


Cross your legs and sink to the ground. Your left foot is flat on the ground and the heel of your right foot doesn't touch the ground. The arms are stretched to the sides. Your weight is for 75% on the left foot and for 25% on the right foot.


Sink to the ground as far as you can and put your right foot loose on the ground with the heel up. The right hand is stretched and the left hand is in front of your chest.Your weight is 100% on your left foot.


Stand on your left foot and lift your right leg. Your left arm is above your head and the right hand is at your hip. You look to the right.


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