Nowadays teenager need a useful compensation for school, simply to bring them to a different frame of mind, something they can completely set their minds to.

In the Shaolin Kung Fu they can find their way for a balanced relationship between school, sport and leisure.

The training is a good outlet for the youth, they can let their energy run free and fulfill their natural pursuit of movement.
Through the new and strange movements, the teenager learn to deal with their bodies, they touch physical and mental boundaries and improve them.

Exercises improve breathing, muscular system and flexibility. Intensive training enhances self-confidence and ability to concentrate.

During partner exercises and later also in freefight, they learn to deal with each other fairly, thoughtfully and responsibly.

During the Kung Fu training, attention is paid to stretching exercises, fitness and strength exercises, hand and foot techniques, practicing forms and freefight.

Everyone naturally learns after their own level, one a little faster the other maybe a little slower, so that everyone can develop freely without any coercion.

If you are interested and you are 12 years or older, then come along for a free trial training, but bring a T-shirt and sport pants with you.
Further information and a registration form can be obtained from the trainer.

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