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The founder of the Chuan Fa Hung Choy Pai was Holger Willems. He acquired his training in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and USA by several masters (Buck Sam Kong, Baklayan, Shen Hung Xun, Kong Mien Ho, O.Bradwolf). He also followed lessons in Chi Kung and Taiji Quan.

The lessons start and end with a bow and a salute. The bowing is an expression of thanks to all the teachers and forefathers whose hard work and creativity have contributed to our martial arts. The salutation is a sign of respect meant for those who are saluted.

The exercise room ( kwoon in Chines ) is a place to learn. The atmosphere in a Kung Fu school must being full of dynamic energy, spiritual wakefulness and respect. All exercises shall be intensive and perfectly carried out. Only they who give their selves for 100% in a lesson will reach a good result in the martial arts.

Training exists of warming-up, stretching, condition-, strength exercises, handforms, and -techniques, kicking, semi-contact fights, training with pad's, self-defense and practicing with Chinese weapons.

The necessary preparation for intensive training is the warming-up phase. These exercises prepare the body for a heavy exertion. Without warming-up, you could be injured. After the warming-up, the training can go on with stretching exercises. Stretched muscles are more mobile. Through the flexibility of the muscles, the body can suffer the exertion better, and the next phases of the training can be done much more efficiently. Strength exercises are meant to develop muscle groups, which are important for doing specific techniques.

In our school we are trained in three different groups:
Group I : beginners
Group II : from fifth Tuan
Group III : from seventh Tuan

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