Hung Gar

Hung Hei Gwoon ( Hung Hei Gung ) is the one who has founded the Hung style. He was a direct disciple of Chi Sim an abbot of the Shaolin temple in the northern province of Honan. In the eighteenth century, the Honan temple was destroyed by government troops. Some of the monks escaped to south China, to the Fukien temple. Hung Hei Gwoon was a merchant in spices and was politically persecuted because of his beliefs so he escaped to the Fukien temple. Their Chi Sim personally trained him. Later he opened a school in the province Kwantung. Because of his persecution he doesn't call his system Shaolin Kung Fu, but Hung Gar ( Hung's family ).

Hung Hei Gwoon trained for years together with Luk Ah Choy also a disciple of Chi Sim. Luk Ah Choy later opened a school in Canton. His best disciple and heir was Wong Tai and later his son Wong Kai Ying.

Wong Kai Ying was an excellent Kung Fu fighter and member of the " ten tigers of Kwantung " the ten best Kung Fu masters of southern China. His fame is only surpassed by his son Wong Fei Hung. He is one of the most famous Kung Fu fighters of China. His life history and heroic deeds have become the subject of more than a hundred films. Wong Fei Hung was born in 1850 and died in 1933.

Wong Fei Hung past his knowledge on to Lam Sai Wing, a butcher from Canton. Lam Sai Wing later travelled to Hong Kong. There he lived as a legend, because of his countless fights and his dedication for the weak ones. His inner strength was unimaginable and he never lost a fight.He was born in 1861 and died in 1942. Lam Sai Wing gave his knowledge to Chiu Kao and his nephew Lum Jo.

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