Choy Lee Fut

Choy Lee Fut is one of the few Kung Fu styles that is strongly influenced by both northern and southern Chinese fighting arts, combining the long arm techniques of the South with the quick footwork of the North.

Chang Heung founded Choy Lee Fut in 1836. He was born in 1806 in the province Kwantung. His martial arts training started when he was seven years old, by his Uncle Chan Yuen Wu.

He was a famous boxer from the legendary Shaolin temple. When Chang Heung was seventeen, he trained further with the Shaolin monk Lee Yau Shan. Lee sends Chan Heung, after some years, to Choy Fok a monk of the northern Shaolin temple.

When Chan Heung was 29 years old, he went back to his place of birth King Mui, where he developed a new system of Kung Fu.

This was in 1836, and he gave this system the name Choy Lee Fut, to honor and thank his two teachers Choy Fok and Lee Yau Shan. The word Fut, which means Buddha, is used as a mark of honor to his Uncle Chan Yuen Wu.

After Chan Heung's death ( 1875 ), his Choy Lee Fut legacy was passed on to his two sons Chan On Pak and Chan Koon Pak.

Chan Koon Pak later opened a large Choy Lee Fut training center in Canton. His successor was his son Chan Yiu Chi. He was practicing daily, so he became an outstanding expert of Choy Lee Fut. He died in 1965.
In addition, Chan Heung had eighteen original Choy Lee Fut disciples. In 1848, the original eighteen started branching out to teach Choy Lee Fut through the whole of southern China.

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